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Q: Can I use my medical insurance?

A: I am currently only accepting private pay. You may request reimbursement from your insurance to cover out-of-network services. I can help you with this documentation.

Q: What are the benefits of private pay?

A: Insurance companies dictate your mental healthcare in various ways. For example, your insurance requires a diagnosis, regulates how many sessions are covered, and can deny your services completely. Insurance companies typically do not pay for couples counseling unless one party has a psychological diagnosis. In addition, insurance companies have full access to client medical records, including mental healthcare, because they are the payor.

Q: I want to work on relationship issues, but my partner does not want to come. What do I do?

A: Of course, it’s frustrating that your partner is not willing to join you, yet hopefully. Respect where your partner is and attend counseling for you. Who knows, maybe your partner will see how invested you are in making the relationship work and decide to join you.

Q: Do I need to have an issue to be in counseling?

A: I will respond to this question with a question: Do you need to have the flu to get the flu shot? Counseling helps individuals create self-care and wellness regimens, increasing your overall happiness and health.

Q: Will my friends and family think I’m crazy if I go to counseling?

A: If this is so, ask these people in your life to make an appointment! All jokes aside, the answer is no. Counseling is wellness-based and preventative. Attending personal counseling gives you tools to use your strengths as leverage over what is not working for you. The stigma of mental health is a thing of the past!

Q: What payment types do I accept?

A: I am private pay and I accept cash, all major credit cards, and FSA/HSA.